Cloud Adoption Statistics.

CIOs Survey by Avenga.


We asked 57 CIOs for insights into their approach:

  • How many of them have adopted the cloud?
  • What is the degree of cloud adoption across businesses?
  • Are there common trends and concerns regarding cloud transformation?

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First-hand illustration of the potential future of cloud computing trends


According to industry practitioners’ forecasts, the future of computing is in the cloud.

Thirty-seven (37) of the CIOs we asked were from European companies, while 20 had their headquarters abroad. Twenty-five (25) of them represented companies that had more than 2,000 employees. Also, more than half of these companies had revenues of over 100 million EUR.

We picked 5 questions for our survey. The aim of our approach was to not merely obtain cloud adoption statistics, but rather get a deeper understanding of what businesses were planning within their cloud-related strategies.

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Avenga Cloud adoption survey highlights

60% pink
of respondents moved less than 20% of their key systems to the cloud
2-3 pink
of the surveyed CIOs don’t plan to completely replace their infrastructure
70% pink
think that vendor lock-in is a great risk that can be mitigated by hybrid clouds

Is moving to the cloud the only option for the future?

The rise of cloud services is inevitable as they offer convenience, speed and innovation to businesses of all sizes. Clouds differ in capabilities and the quality of functionality they deliver. Some CIOs don’t even really talk about the cloud anymore, as it has become very natural and almost invisible, because it focuses on how to combine services, integration and software development efforts.

However, with all the luring benefits, a vast number of businesses are concerned about security, integrity, portability, data integrity, and other issues.

Despite all the scepticism or enthusiasm, the cloud is constantly changing and developing. It is here firmly enough to help create digital solutions based on already existing capabilities that have been proven in action for millions of customers.


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