Digital transformation in Finance

In this whitepaper, you will receive some essential answers to how to evaluate your paths to digital:

  • 4 Key challenges affecting the Financial Industry demystified
  • Why digital is about a Solution Mindset
  • How legacy is liable for business resilience
  • What questions you need to answer before stepping forward into digital
  • How to engineer business resilience with the right technology

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Advice and Roadmap for Finance Professionals


As trying as the year 2020 has been, we have observed digital technologies continuing to gain ground. With resilience staying a top priority for every business, the A-players of the financial services world are working to leverage every instrument that digital transformation has to offer in order to tackle unpredictability and ambiguity.

of financial institutions plan on their biggest part of investments going into big data and analytics.
Source: IDC Survey

is expected in Big Data analytics revenue in banking by 2025.

Source: 3wnews

of organizations are investing in big data and AI.
Source: New Vantage

Where to start your journey towards a sustainable digital future?

The hard truth about the financial services sector is that it is really hard to move the industry away from its traditions. Today, BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) is balancing itself between looking ahead and keeping a steady business course, all while employing tech, innovating business models, and introducing new ecosystems. Shifting customer demands, a rise of nontraditional competitors like Big Techs and FinTechs, and intensified regulations make financial services providers, like you, actively seek out the answers to the most urgent digital business questions:




Is your digital transformation strategy defined yet



How do you approach the changes: from roadmapping to integration to technology implementation

We can offer some answers to these questions




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Why you need a reliable back-up partner to get you through the challenges


of financial services companies are still in the early stages of cloud adoption.

Source: InformationAge


of consumers want to transact with financial institutions via a single platform, such as social media or mobile banking apps.

Source: EY


of banking CEOs are concerned about the speed of technological change,more than any other industry sector.

Source: PwC


of IT decision makers struggle to “translate data into actionable insights”.

Source: Aruba

About Avenga


Our clients often ask us about the right way towards a successful digital transformation.  As a technology partner with 20 years in the IT space, we, at Avenga, help the financial services industry players gain confidence that their technology-enabled projects will succeed. 


  • We can support your workflows with scalable software architecture, catchy interfaces, Business Intelligence (BI) and integrated data visualizations.
  • We can make your data work, apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for quick fact-based decisions, advise when the cloud is the best solution, optimize expenses on your infrastructure and apply  Blockchain and DLS. 
  • We know how to make things right and comply with security regulations, data privacy legislation, and assure that you and your customers feel safe.


The transformation of financial business delivery and value, brought through a technology application, doesn’t happen overnight. We are here to help you identify your critical needs vs capabilities vs options as you move forward. 

Don’t take our word for it. Explore it on your own. 


Download the whitepaper

Download the whitepaper


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