Data science for investigator recruitment

Explore how data science and natural language processing (NLP) can uncover influence and relationships that accelerate clinical research for investigator and subject recruitment

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A data-driven approach to accelerate clinical research


Digital technology is transforming the way CROs enroll patients for clinical trials. Many organizations already utilize proprietary software to optimize the efficiency of patient recruitment. Yet these solutions do not necessarily utilize data science approaches, thereby ignore all unstructured inputs. However, a good deal of crucial information required by life sciences organizations are locked by unstructured clinical data. Medical records, data from imaging devices, wearables and sensors, health documents, publications, and articles - all this data, when sorted, labeled, and cleared, has the enormous potential to transform clinical research.

Let the numbers tell the story

the annual growth rate of the unstructured data in healthcare.
Source: Reinsel, David “The Digitization of the World From Edge to Core”
of all data collected in clinical trials is unstructured data.
Source: Grimes, Seth "Unstructured Data and the 80 Percent Rule"
of clinical trials fail to recruit patients on time
Source: Huanga, Grant. "Clinical trials recruitment planning: A proposed framework from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative"

How data science can help?

Discover 7 natural language processing and understanding techniques that Avenga uses to solve challenges which promote quick identification of influential Principal Investigators and accelerated Subject recruitment. Get actionable insights to boost your ROI and increase your profits. Utilize NLP techniques to form a scorecard of sites and investigators for future clinical trials.



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Solve the following clinical trial challenges with the help of NLP




Define the investigators that are most likely to be referred to by other doctors



Assess the actual study population vs. the prospective population that can be treated



Evaluate the recruitment potential of a specific site in terms of anticipated subjects per month



“Refocusing your resources on targeting patients more effectively is the most important asset you can have to drive the success of your clinical trial.”

Michael DePalma,
President, Pensare LLC

“It's not the amount of data that matters.
It matters what you do with the data.”

Lyubomyr Senyuk
Director Of Research Development at Avenga
Download the whitepaper

Download the whitepaper


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