Sustainable software quality management through a Quality Mindset

In this whitepaper, we will demonstrate what you need to evaluate when approaching your quality assurance process.

  • Why quality is about well-processed art
  • When continuity grows into sustainable quality
  • How People, Methods, and Tools play in combo for quality management
  • What it takes to achieve a Quality Mindset

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Quality Assurance in the 2020s is not about testing, but a Quality Mindset


Quality is a grand old concept implying that you understand what your customers want and give them exactly that, or even more. But, software quality stands for assuring that the gap between the existing software and the expected version is minimal. We operate with a Quality Mindset which is an integration of our corporate culture, proven methodologies and expert application of tools.


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Sustainable quality management through a Quality Mindset


Sustainable quality encompasses not just one-time bug fixes, testing, or QA. In order to accelerate the development cycle, enhance and improve reliability and the overall quality of your digitally-enabled service in an all-inclusive culture, a Quality Mindset is essential. Strategically integrated into the company’s processes, it is key to digital transformation.



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Quality management for sustaining your solution’s high performance


What determines your need for a proper Quality Assurance process? If you find that you have one or more of the following issues with your digital service or solution, it is time to focus on the Quality Mindset within your company.


  • Risky bug fixes on the open system
  • Errors that only occur on certain end devices, e.g., smartphones
  • New features that cause errors in existing features
  • Further development of the system is hindered by legacy code
  • Refactoring leads to errors in previously stable systems
  • Page views that only show a white screen
  • Recurring errors that were allegedly corrected long ago
  • Partial or complete crashes that are noticed accidentally
  • Slow troubleshooting that takes days
  • Displays of error messages that are unfathomable to users and incomprehensible to developers


Download our whitepaper which demonstrates how a clear awareness of quality, at all stages of the development, is a successful way to achieve sustainable quality management in software development.


About Avenga


Avenga is a trusted technology partner that combines the pragmatism of an experienced technology service provider with the creativity and innovation of a digital agency. We support our clients on their way to digital transformation by integrating a Quality Mindset into every project as a catalyst for reduced risk, perfect customer experiences, and increased revenues.

We can help define your quality goals, thoroughly examine each of them, and then identify the needed steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software so that it meets its performance requirements. Quality in our delivery paradigm stands for “a solution which perfectly fits the client’s business objectives”.

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