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Virtual Clinical Trials: The Pain of Change - Can technology heal the pain?


About the Webinar

Join a virtual session exclusively prepared for Pharmatech, Biotech, Drug Discovery & Development and Healthtech professionals on the opportunities and challenges of the virtual clinical trials.
The webinar will help you to understand how digital innovation can help you develop a strategy for designing and executing a virtual trial. 
We will examine the current state of virtual trials under the microscope to demystify the process of conducting those and explore the technology potential enabling virtual trials to maximize the benefits while reducing the risks.

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The virtual session is exclusively prepared for Pharmatech companies to highlight the socio-economic impact of data ownership, its effect on the value chain. It will cover why the trustworthiness in data is the main area of technological investment in life sciences industries.

Thursday, June 4th

12:00 - 1:00 PM PDT

by Avenga


Featured Speaker


Chuck Piccirillo

CEO at Zealic Solutions, Inc 

Chuck is a pioneering pharmaceutical industry innovator, business software executive, a strategist and a renowned expert in development, commercialization and deploying solutions for SaaS businesses, eClinical , Healthcare IT, PACS, Medical Device industries working in both entrepreneurial and blue chip companies.


Igor Kruglyak

Igor Kruglyak
Sr Advisor at Avenga

35+ year veteran executive of global key development and deployment projects, a technology solutions practice leader, expert in managing on and offshore value-based development, B2C, B2B and integration.

Watch to learn about:


  • The pain of staying the same vs the pain of change in life sciences
  • The influence of COVID-19 on the drug development and how it’s fueling the necessity for change
  • Overcoming the pain of change to virtual trails and the role technology could play
  • How this change might affect traditional clinical trials
  • Is it all about the data and digital health apps, or there something more?



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