How technology revamps clinical research?

With the help of effective clinical trial management tools, doctors and clinical research associates can quickly evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the new treatment and the benefits it brings.

By incorporating technology, you can reduce billions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures and relieve the burdens on patients that in many cases will be traveling to medical sites.

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How do you efficiently capture clinical data?

  • Streamline clinical research with a top-notch privacy, security and scalability of clinical trial management system that helps to monitor and maintain data from the one central location.
  • Utilize electronic data capture software (eDC) to organize and collect clinical trail information and to foster collaboration between clinical trial contributors.
  • Utilize electronic case report forms (eCRFs) to keep track and gather clinical information and ensure the clinical data completeness and accuracy.

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How do you assure a high chance of clinical research success?

  • Get rid of clinical research data recording falcities with the help of Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) to locate the inaccurate data.
  • Get rid of clinical research design miscalculations that have severe impact on patient safety and clinical trail outcomes.
  • Get rid of clinical research analytic oversights that may lead to ineffective drug usage or an unsuccessful attempt to bring out an efficient treatment.
  • Get rid of clinical research procedural inaccuracies that can alter the studied drug effect.

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How do you meet clinical trial enrollment and engagement targets?

  • Refill your patient enrollment needs with specific sorting options that filter eligible clinical trial research according to preselected conditions.
  • Use Salesforce and data algorithms and to enroll and target clinical research patients.
  • Apply predictive analytics to detect the potential patients for clinical trial.
  • Develop clinical research investigator portals for clinical research associates (CRAs) to schedule appointments with patients in a single click.

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How patient portals can help your clinical trails?

  • Patients have an easy-to-use instrument, where they can log the information about their health condition.
  • Clinical research patients gain real-time access to their information.
  • Integrated 360 feedback amplifies patient retention rates.
  • Patients can see reports and stats on clinical research result and are more willing to participate in the research.

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Why are virtual clinical trials so important?

  • Data quality is better
  • Clinical research efficiency is higher
  • Patients are more willing to participate
  • Clinical research sites enroll patients quicker
  • The participation rate is better
  • Clinical research timeliness are achieved promptly 

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How can you utilize big data and predictive analytics for clinical trials?

  • Predictive analytics assists you in discovery of the best clinical research investigators and clinical sites that have the best chances of reaching enrollment targets.
  • Big data analysis assists you in selecting the top-performing clinical research sites based on considerations such as previous experience in clinical research participation, site location, and patient availability.

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Explore what are the changes facing the clinical trial industry, what areas in clinical trial management can be improved, and how the emerging technologies are empowering the clinical trial processes.

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